Freely [adjective]

Definition of Freely:

without restriction

Opposite/Antonyms of Freely:

Sentence/Example of Freely:

There is an inherent friction in having an authoritarian government running in parallel with an open, freely accessible internet.

Through it all, the gloves need to allow your fingers to move freely while helping to maintain a solid grip on your welding torch.

The next stage of our economy recovering is being able to walk the Earth freely.

The idea is that by layering data about how people use land and view animals onto existing maps of the physical landscape, conservation managers could better identify land where animals could move freely.

This means that trees cannot take up water through their roots even if it is freely available in the soil.

He does not plan to dine indoors with people outside his household, even if they are vaccinated, until the coronavirus is much less prevalent and not able to circulate freely.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018 brought home to people that personal data they had given up so freely to Facebook could be used against them.

I freely admit that the power these companies possess is immense and subject to abuse.

With many videos and photos of the event freely available, the internet has sought to speed up arrests by naming those who took part.

Another featured several officers removing metal barriers to let the mob freely pass toward the Capitol.