Candidly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Candidly:

Though candid and forthcoming in the podcast, there was more to the story.

When invited to share their own experiences, particularly in response to stories on mental health and trauma, members were candid rather than being emotionally charged, unlike a lot of the often toxic comment sections in mainstream media.

Our people are being candid and bold in addressing the unique challenges we, our communities, and our country face.

In June, Ari told me, this time over the phone with a publicist and in a manner markedly less candid than her typical effusiveness, that the Girls in the Valley were pivoting.

Check out some of the most candid musical memoirs on the bookshelves below and find out about some of the hardships behind some of your favorite hits.

Glassdoor, the website that encourages current and former employees to offer candid assessments of their workplaces and share salary information anonymously, is launching a new rating system to hold companies accountable on diversity and inclusion.

Agency employees say it can be difficult to be candid about how they’re feeling when the possibility of being laid off looms large.

This is the law of the land and must be obeyed; and we candidly advise that it is useless for us to contend against it.

Well, I havent the faintest knowledge in which direction the entrance lies, Gale said candidly.

They may be of great interest to antiquarians and historians; but by myself, I candidly admit, they were not much valued.