Sincerely [adverb]

Definition of Sincerely:

seriously, honestly

Synonyms of Sincerely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sincerely:

Sentence/Example of Sincerely:

"I wish I had your faith in people, Grace," said Emma sincerely.

That is a great deal nowadays, and he loves you most sincerely.

I sincerely hope that what I have done will not result in any discomfort or inconvenience to you.

I sincerely wish you, sir, the success your perseverance so well deserves.

I am certain that for the little I have been able to do for you, you are the most sincerely grateful of men.'

I have already said several masses, and most sincerely pray for her.

And he wore the most sincerely, frankly astonished air that could be imagined.

Few men have died so sincerely regretted by those who knew him.

Most sincerely do I rejoice with you, dear Madam, in the good news of Anthony.

That is another question which I sincerely hope your Highness will not press.