Ingenuously [adverb]

Definition of Ingenuously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ingenuously:

Sentence/Example of Ingenuously:

The disinterested historians state ingenuously that Joanna was not guilty of this crime, although the others accuse her of it.

Frederick ingenuously confessed the state of his heart, and briefly recounted his interview with Ellen and the Lieutenant.

"It does not become me to remember or to proclaim such an incident," said the youth, blushing ingenuously.

Annesley backed him up with one of the girlish blushes that made her seem so young and ingenuously attractive.

"That's just what I've asked you here to find out," her brother replied ingenuously.

She was lovely to look at and ingenuously lovable in her clinging affection and disarming naturalness.

The temper which he exposed so ingenuously, filled Washington at the time.

"I wasn't saying anything about your doing things," said Jack ingenuously.

"There you will have the advantage of me," said Lucy, ingenuously.

She was ingenuously interested in her fate, and affectionately sympathetic.