Artlessly [adverb]

Definition of Artlessly:

as anticipated

Opposite/Antonyms of Artlessly:

Sentence/Example of Artlessly:

Damis is of the same opinion as a large number of people, and says artlessly, as well as the public, that Capys is a dull writer.

His manner of speaking of his family was deliciously droll; he yielded his confidences as artlessly as a child.

"Ah, but it doesn't look well anywhere but back to the window," said Mr. Macdonald artlessly.

An American lady inspecting these pits observed artlessly that now she understood where all those columns came from.

Three heads were humbly lowered; Dylara alone gazed artlessly up at the monarch.

Elizabeth's artlessly inquiring gaze provoked another burst of well-bred merriment.

"There is a little private parlor attached and generally empty," she suggests, artlessly.

Did the lawyer's artlessly abrupt attempt to change the subject warn her to be on her guard?

The sentiments which they so artlessly confide to us show that they believed all to be over.

Written artlessly, and in entire good faith, his book is full of that indefinable quality called charm.