Normally [adverb]

Definition of Normally:


Synonyms of Normally:

Opposite/Antonyms of Normally:

Sentence/Example of Normally:

Corry was still in the position of heir, when he should normally have become owner.

The Moon-gravity is normally approximately one-sixth the gravity of Earth.

The joy to him is to see things as they are and to judge them normally.

But I was landed by boat instead of normally, and I am told the colony is doomed.

Albino: a colorless individual of a species that is normally colored.

Normally requests were received on paper and had to be transcribed.

If, on the other hand, you picked line AB, you are normally suggestible.

Normally a jellyfish has its parts in four or multiples of four.

B class was normally too expensive for Bart's father's modest purse.

Normally, perhaps, his sympathies would have been with the Democrats.