Commonly [adverb]

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The Potato is planted very sparingly south of Piedmont, and not so commonly there as in Savoy.

But if you restrict it, to the sense in which it is commonly applied to the angelic sex, I am not prepared to answer.

The war which wasted the Athenians for 27 years, commonly called the Peloponnesian war, began May 7th.

In gonorrhoea gonococci are sometimes found in the sediment, but more commonly in the "gonorrheal threads," or "floaters."

A child's attempt to represent a man appears commonly to begin by drawing a sort of circle for the front view of the head.

It occurs in well-marked cases of pernicious anemia and leukemia, and, much less commonly, in very severe symptomatic anemias.

Passive hyperemia occurs most commonly in diseases of the heart and liver and in pregnancy.

This man is Jean Biencourt, commonly called Potrincourt, of noble birth and a magnanimous man.

Red corpuscles and hemoglobin are commonly decreased together, although usually not to the same extent.

True bronchial asthma commonly gives a marked eosinophilia during and following the paroxysms.