Generally [adverb]

Definition of Generally:

mainly, in most cases

Opposite/Antonyms of Generally:

Sentence/Example of Generally:

If they do in fact develop as we generally expect, iciness may continue to be featured more than snow.

It's generally in the area of 20Hz, which sounds more like a series of clicks than a continual sound, and the whales produce it in second-long bursts separated by dozens of seconds.

Asking people questions, it demonstrates interest, it demonstrates concern, it can build rapport and relationships and people generally like being asked questions.

First of all, women and human figures generally represent a small number of figurines compared to animals and body parts.

While most Americans over that period have seen faster speeds and fewer caps on their ability to talk and text — plus higher bills — Lifeline plans generally have stayed the same.

Unions generally won’t accept the removal of one benefit from a contract without a town providing another, making it difficult to achieve a real reduction, Caruso said.

I’m not generally one for bringing luxury items into the woods, but somehow this camping couch is on my permanent list of things never to leave behind.

But, generally, it’s because somebody no longer has sufficient immunity to the virus to prevent them from getting infected.

Movies generally don’t know what to do with post-menopausal women because most of the world doesn’t know what to do with them, either.

Coronaviruses, which generally show less seasonal variation than influenza, tend to have a weak response to changing temperatures.