Sometimes [adverb]

Definition of Sometimes:

every now and then

Opposite/Antonyms of Sometimes:


Sentence/Example of Sometimes:

He had discovered years before that he was sometimes able thus to puzzle her momentarily.

I observe the workings of unemotional law and sometimes record them.

Sometimes he packed clumsily, and she was obliged to do his work over.

Sometimes it is said that man can not be trusted with the government of himself.

I sometimes fancy that the old woman is the happier of the two.

You have sometimes seemed to pity me, that I am obliged to give up every point.

There is a first-rate hotel close handy, where I sometimes dine.

My discourses were sometimes off-hand and sometimes studied.

Sometimes this arrangement was made to save the master trouble.

When cross, which she was sometimes, though very rarely, she tried to be pleasant.