Constantly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Constantly:

The way the developers keep the constant battling from becoming banal is to give each team member some wildly inventive powers, performed by pressing multiple controller buttons in sequence.

Usually, Hayes slaps players’ shoulder pads on the sidelines, yells into his headset with assistant coaches and is in constant communication with his quarterback.

Then comes the deluge of constant discussion about the virus and its ripple effects across our lives, as well as the sobering realization that we just don’t know when it will all end.

The problem was that special relativity only relativized motion for observers moving at a constant speed.

The history of Bitcoin has been defined by constant but decreasing volatility.

Those rapid-fire responses against NBA-level athleticism will go a long way in winning the constant one-on-one battles that take place 28 feet from the basket.

That’s because the most promising vaccines require constant and extremely cold storage.

She lobbied senators to get their support for an update to the North American Free Trade Agreement and was a constant presence in conversations about what led to the United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

Another fact to bear in mind is that the chances of someone having covid at your holiday event, as projected by the Georgia Tech app, are in constant flux.

These Republicans aim to keep their base in a constant state of anger and crazed denial.