Overall [adjective]

Definition of Overall:

complete, general

Synonyms of Overall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overall:

Sentence/Example of Overall:

Another score for his doubts about the overall value of truth!

The last station seemed to be some kind of overall control for the rest.

Your squadron is to be deployed as scouts under my overall command.

There's my brown Holland overall, and Hudson could brush my hair, and make it tidy.

I have no recommendations for an overall solution, or even a regional one.

She made a frantic grab and caught her son by his overall suspenders.

Overall, the IMF has beneficial accounts, which cannot be discounted so off-handedly.

So the Overall Boys said good-by to their friends on the ocean steamer.

As a result of these increased efforts, the 1956 census showed an overall increase in the literacy rate to about 90 percent.

A chancellery office, headed by a chief and three deputies, coordinates the committee's overall administrative activities.