Comprehensive [adjective]

Definition of Comprehensive:


Opposite/Antonyms of Comprehensive:

Sentence/Example of Comprehensive:

The key to all our human disorder is organized education, comprehensive and universal.

But consider what it will be when the system is adopted on a more comprehensive scale.

His mind is characterized by the literalness, rather than the comprehensive grasp of great subjects.

But give me a comprehensive idea of the place, in your own inimitable unvarnished diction.

Those who attach a high value to original and comprehensive thought will scarcely consider him entitled to such an epithet.

The advice was probably good, but the poverty of the Crown hindered all comprehensive reforms.

From this general and comprehensive sentence follow all the details which make a June day perfect.

He was not comprehensive like Cicero, or philosophical like Thucydides, although he affected philosophy as he did morality.

Mr. Kelly approved of this measure as far as it went, but contended for the superiority of his own more comprehensive measure.

The uric acid theory was one effort to solve this problem but it was not comprehensive enough and it was not true.