Full [adjective]

Definition of Full:

brimming, filled

Opposite/Antonyms of Full:

Sentence/Example of Full:

It ended on a complaint that she was 'tired rather and spending my time at full length on a deck-chair in the garden.'

As long as may be necessary, Sam,” replied Mr. Pickwick, “you have my full permission to remain.

It is full of poetic feeling, and the flesh tints are unusually natural.

A small book, bound in full purple calf, lay half hidden in a nest of fine tissue paper on the dressing-table.

One would not have wanted her white neck a mite less full or her beautiful arms more slender.

Individual samples may be slightly alkaline, especially after a full meal.

"Granted; as many as you like," he returned, glancing down into her eyes that were full of thoughtfulness and some speculation.

Felipe was so full of impatience to continue his search, that he hardly listened to the Father's words.

The evening previous to his death he was walking about the farm, in the full possession of all his faculties of mind and body.

If they are still Moderns and alive, I defy you to bury them if you are discussing living questions in a full and honest way.