Impregnated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Impregnated:

I wish that there was space and the will to take these single-serving-use male cows and keep them alive after they’ve impregnated female cows and served their purpose.

The currency evidently became impregnated with the odor of the cigars.

More fiery than ever, she enfolded him in her arms, so that he was impregnated with a flame which he feebly resisted.

At this period the alchemist is represented by his descendant as a Puritan impregnated with the secret doctrine of Robert Fludd.

Between this and the village of the Pawnees we crossed two strongly impregnated salines.

They appeared to be impregnated with copper, and were more than 33 above blood heat.

He was not made any the more content with himself by this effluence of revivified effort that impregnated the air around him.

Care should be taken that the water is only lightly impregnated with salt.

It was also not long before this lodge together with all those that depended on it was impregnated with Illuminism.

The "Yellow Spring," which gives the town its name, is of course largely impregnated with iron.