Saturated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Saturated:

The air was saturated by it just as water may hold a chemical in solution.

Distinguished from the Patrician, who was a saturated solution.

Then he smelled the strange fabric, saturated with the man-smell.

Even for this his travelled lordship, seasoned and saturated, had no laugh.

The sun-baked canvas was like a sieve and in a moment both men were saturated.

They are saturated with a teleology which, at times, becomes excessively tedious.

In point of fact I was, while composing it, saturated with the mood of song.

The literature of every religion is saturated with the influence of the myth.

It happened, however, that some was found not quite so saturated.

Wherever I turned the place was saturated with the blood of fish and offal.