Impregnate [verb]

Definition of Impregnate:

infuse, fill; make pregnant

Synonyms of Impregnate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impregnate:

Sentence/Example of Impregnate:

He squeezes it between his fingers, in order to completely impregnate it and dries it.

Her remorseful grief, though silent, seemed to impregnate the atmosphere with its heaviness.

To impregnate these, a bunch of male flowers is carefully inserted and fastened in the calyx.

Impregnate the tissues with mucilage for twelve to twenty-four hours, according to size.

They can impregnate cloth and leather, nay, even paper and parchment, with the most subtle venom.

So the ether of your own earnest, fervent, patriotic character may impregnate the spiritless and help to sustain the brave.

He had thought to impregnate his colleagues with the same loftiness of principle, but in this respect he had failed.

It is generally moved round in the dish, so as to impregnate every leaf with the seasoning.

Sugar placed near coffee will, in a short time, so impregnate the berries as to injure their flavour.

I have often used it, being careful always to impregnate it thoroughly with some antiseptic solution.