Percolate [verb]

Definition of Percolate:

seep, drip (liquid)

Synonyms of Percolate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Percolate:

Sentence/Example of Percolate:

Evaporate the percolate in a water-bath to the consistency of a pill mass.

The other was to percolate a similar quantity to get the needed caffeol.

Miss Burton paused to allow the idea to percolate into my brain.

The first portion of the percolate is colorless or nearly so.

Even so, a great light was beginning to percolate to my innermost consciousness.

That's only seventy-five miles, and news does percolate, give it time.

For if the subsoil be damp, moisture will rise; if it be porous, offensive matter may percolate through.

It is then to be percolated with water, the first part of the percolate being returned as fast as it runs through.

The agent got up and turned down the stove as the coffee began to percolate.

The purpose of the pear-shaped apertures was to enable the salt fumes to percolate freely around the vessels being fired.