Penetrate [verb]

Definition of Penetrate:

pierce; get through physically

Synonyms of Penetrate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Penetrate:

Sentence/Example of Penetrate:

Into the darker secrets of the Book of Wishes we will not penetrate.

Does a newspaper, even the ubiquitous Petit Journal, penetrate into these solitudes?

Angelique repeated the word very slowly, as if to penetrate its meaning.

This hole is to enable the syrup to penetrate the inside of the lemons.

Nowadays, when one strives to penetrate things one is confounded.

But the formal exterior of that petty pompous man I cannot penetrate.

How eagerly did my glance endeavour to penetrate the smoky distance!

We have found a substance that no ray, no electro-bullet can penetrate.

He tried to remember it—tried to penetrate the disguise—but he could not.

This is as far as the most instructed have ever been able to penetrate.