Exit [noun]

Definition of Exit:

way out of a place

Synonyms of Exit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exit:

Sentence/Example of Exit:

Here are demographic comparisons between likely voters in our poll and the 2016 exits, looking at margins of support then and now.

Another is both our poll and exit polling include margins of error that introduce more uncertainty than hard numbers can capture.

A viewer most likely won’t exit out of their stream to visit your site, but they are likely to visit if they can do that and still watch their show.

Thurmond and other investigators’ theory is that when Montgomery exited the building, an unidentified “third party” shot him dead.

The lack of a broad selloff across all sectors shows that there’s a good deal of “hot money” chasing the large tech names, which can exit as quickly as it entered.

“Behavior Flow” shows how users interact with the website and track their browsing and exit points.

The problem was that they lived in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War and could not get exit visas.

Among all qualified15 hitters this season through Tuesday’s games who had at least 300 plate appearances last season, Tatís was tied for the greatest improvement in exit velocity year over year.

In wake of the new Hong Kong law, TikTok decided to exit the territory.

After the state-controlled exit polls showed victory for the president, nationwide protests broke out.