Egress [noun]

Definition of Egress:

passage out

Synonyms of Egress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Egress:

Sentence/Example of Egress:

He was a man of gigantic muscle, and seizing the arm of Louis, called aloud to bar the egress.

Jacob would have retreated quietly, but he found a sentinel posted at the door to prevent the egress of any person.

They rushed into the hall, they pushed, they struggled for egress.

Into this opens all their dwellings, the door being far below the surface, so that free ingress and egress are secured.

This had effectually prevented the egress of the unfortunate person inside.

But when entrance and egress are constant, or required by crowds, certain further modifications must take place.

The royal carriages again attempt egress—though for trial merely; they are again driven in by Lecointres patrols.

The besieged militia men finally gained egress and retreated fighting rear-guard actions.

You have only to touch this spring, and that picture starts from the wall and affords us free egress.

The Crusaders prepared to receive them, moving to a distance, so that they should not be denied free egress.