Exodus [noun]

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When companies don’t do what they say, we see mass exoduses and even lawsuits, as has recently been the case at Pinterest and Carta.

The exodus isn’t necessarily good news, according to Batt and other experts.

Unsurprisingly, the mass exodus of the well-to-do inspired contempt among those who didn’t have the option of motoring out to their second home on Long Island or in the Catskills.

So the Florida Legislature created a state-run company to insure properties itself, preventing both an exodus and an economic collapse by essentially pretending that the climate vulnerabilities didn’t exist.

Indeed, with early evidence of an exodus from cities to suburbs amid shutdowns, new homebuyers may well be game to buy a fixer-upper.

There was no crowding or impeding haste in their dumb exodus.

From the city there was reported exodus of men whose names were enrolled for military service.

We saw the blonde behind the wheel and Uncle Peter seated beside her, evidently still protesting the hasty exodus.

One hears a frightful lot of nonsense about the Rural Exodus and the degeneration wrought by town life upon our population.

In a big pastoral exodus like the present, it is simply impossible to keep strays out of moving herds.