Migration [noun]

Definition of Migration:

movement to another place

Synonyms of Migration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Migration:

Sentence/Example of Migration:

She knew where the Monarch butterfly went on his winter migration.

The migration of Europeans to the American continent was the final step.

It is scarcely probable that there could have been only one migration of the Persians.

Their first migration from Sanjan seems to have been to Cambay (942–997).

The three boys were speedily in the midst of preparations for their migration.

At first the leaders of the migration were Nonconformists not Separatists.

Migration ceased in 1641, and a time of stress and suffering set in.

Time went on, and the day arranged for the migration to London came round.

Of course tidings of the migration were sent to Munster Court.

Their movement to America was contemporaneous with the heavy German migration.