Passage [noun]

Definition of Passage:

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Sentence/Example of Passage:

This passage, I say, is inserted to explain the words of Moses which precede it.

She reached at last the coal-cellar, the first that opened from the passage, and looked in.

He went to the keyhole of the door leading into the passage.

Once more I started up, and chairs were moved to give me passage.

He had not told his mother of that passage of love with Aggie Logan.

"You'll find the lift at the end of the passage," she replied.

In their passage they fell in with an enemy's ship, far superior to them in force.

The passage home was stormy and long, but offered nothing remarkable.

There was also an Englishman who worked his passage, having been the cooper of a whaler that was wrecked.

The Sterling was short-handed this passage, mustering but four hands in a watch.