Wait [noun]

Definition of Wait:

pause, delay

Synonyms of Wait:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wait:

Sentence/Example of Wait:

Yet the great lady is not careless of engagements, and the wait is never prolonged.

Where is he, I wonder, and how long have I got to wait for him?

The lawyer left them at the next station to wait for a train back to Butte.

And Dennet,” Stephen added with a short laugh, “she could not wait for you.

You wait a little, and hear Uncle Peter take back what he's said about me.

"I will wait ten minutes for him," said Haley, taking out his watch.

Then they wait for a third service, and after that start out home again.

We will wait till the gentlemen finish their cigars, before driving.

"Wait here while I see if the train is on time," directed Grace.

"Wait till to-morrow morning, and by then you may have slept upon it," she counselled.