Veto [noun]

Definition of Veto:

refusal of permission

Synonyms of Veto:

Opposite/Antonyms of Veto:

Sentence/Example of Veto:

He used his veto on the laws, for instance, and otherwise exercised his prerogatives.

For if the English Parliament have the power to veto our wishes, where's the difference?

And the Turkish nation had no opportunity to sanction or veto their resolve.

An important act of the legislature awaited his signature or veto.

An effort was made to carry it over the Governor's veto, but it failed.

"I must put my veto on any such attempts, Alfred," said Mr. Campbell.

The President has the right of speaking, though not of voting, in it, but has no veto on its action.

The first power of the President that I wish to consider is the veto power.

The legislature passed the bills over his veto and adjourned that night.

The vote in the Senate after the veto, was, yeas 28 (not two thirds), and nays 18.