Declination [noun]

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The declination axis is short, and is supported by a massive goose-neck bolted to the upper end of the polar axis.

The declination slide is changed so little that no means for indicating its position are necessary.

Also the Artificiall and generall declination terminative of Nounes and Verbes.

Webb at once proceeded to take full magnetic declination, time and azimuth observations, Laseron recording for him.

Each day, now, Webb took an approximate magnetic dip and declination in the lee of the break-wind.

The dip was on the increase 89 degrees 25' and the declination swung to 40 degrees east of the magnetic meridian.

Most of the morning I spent trying, with Correll's help, to get the declination needle to set.

And I rather fear a declination of the language, than hope an advancement of it in the present age.

Also a magnet exactly balanced at its center will have a declination from an horizontal position of about 70 degrees.

From this time its declination increases day by day until the summer solstice, when, in Joshua's time, it was nearly 24° north.