Interdiction [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Interdiction:

There was no interdiction against it; Hector Hall, with his big guns, could not ride in and order a man off that domain.

The letter was cast back into the box, locked up; there an end to it, or no interdiction of sleep.

Mrs. Marsden was shocked at its contents, and at a loss to guess the motive of so strange an interdiction.

An observation which he gives us of Pliny, concerning Pythagoras's interdiction of this pulse is highly remarkable.

He thought it would be proper to inquire into the expediency of doing away at once, by law, all interdiction of commerce.

Had the interdiction been confined to British vessels by this law, what would Great Britain have said to this discrimination?

Mr. Dolf, yer welcome as hot-house peaches—and these gemmen, may I 'quest an interdiction?

White stockings are absolutely forbidden for day wear—no one wears them—no one dares wear them under fashion's interdiction.

I said nothing, but of course her interdiction of the only possibility killed any weakening inclination.

The only punishments which the political tribunals can inflict are removal and interdiction of public functions for the future.