Decree [noun]

Definition of Decree:

mandate, legal order

Synonyms of Decree:

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Sentence/Example of Decree:

On March 11, the Zelensky government issued a decree appointing Bensh to the board of Naftogaz.

For another thing, Grandpre notes that the consent decree has made it harder for his organization and others to demand specific state-level reforms, such as increasing funding for witness protection in Baltimore.

Among the elements of the city’s consent decree was a broadened definition of “use of force,” which required reporting even an arrestee’s complaint that handcuffs had caused physical pain.

Now, the veteran officer said, the continued decline in arrest rates and proactive-policing levels are driven more by uncertainty over what is allowed under the city’s new consent decree, even after multiple training sessions.

What’s more, the Justice Department has imposed a decree on both agencies for decades that requires them to license songs to all comers.

There are stark inconsistencies—for example, biometric data is considered sensitive under the LGPD, yet in the new decree it falls under a less protected category.

The Polish leadership, for example, has worked to control the judiciary, and in Hungary, the Orban government is gaining control over the media, education and the arts, while passing an emergency law that lets it rule by decree.

The patriarchal decree of the government was a good deal of a joke on the plains, anyway—except when you were caught defying it!

A royal decree (December 31, 1622) orders the Dominicans in the Philippines not to meddle in affairs of government.

Do not heed the Governor-Generalʼs decree, calling you to arms, even though it cost you your lives.