Behest [noun]

Definition of Behest:

order; personal decree

Synonyms of Behest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Behest:

Sentence/Example of Behest:

Miss Boutts awaited the buggy, in the tiny porch, and had obeyed Isabel's behest to look her prettiest.

The humbly sympathizing friend became once more the respectful servant, and hurried away to carry out his young mistress's behest.

I would no longer take my elephant anywhere and everywhere at the behest of the monkey, for monkeys have no judgment.

Peter Barrington had, however, heard enough to inform him of his sister's high behest.

"My going out is so irregular," said Armine, not by any means as he would have accepted a behest of Petronella's.

But ill has some 'gentle Reader' attended to the behest, for, as I said, but one of the flowers remains.

He was about to say, that at the slightest behest of Europe "the American knee grows flexible to bend."

And Aidoneus, ruler over the dead, smiled grimly and obeyed the behest of Zeus the king.

“If your Honor will say that you have already partaken of it I shall obey your behest,” said the other with alacrity.

Evidently here was a conscientious official who was not to be precipitated into hasty action at the behest of the police.