Prompting [verb]

Definition of Prompting:

incite, cue

Synonyms of Prompting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prompting:

Sentence/Example of Prompting:

That there was some special thought behind his words, prompting them, she knew.

Now, suddenly, he caressed it, he resolved to act on its prompting.

Whether it be sin or sacrifice, the prompting is not that of convention, but of Nature herself.

Shall the practice of prompting in the classes be any longer continued?

I mean that of prompting, or helping each other along in some way, at recitations.

If he has had no visitors, that prompting must have come in letters.

But the manicure lady was of a temperament needing no prompting.

But far from prompting him to repeat the maxim "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!"

The girl did not seem to understand what his manhood was prompting.

"That is so," stated Boyne, obeying the prompting of Fogg's quick glance.