Pushing [adjective]

Definition of Pushing:


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Sentence/Example of Pushing:

Mr Clayton was pushing me forward, and urging a dagger into my hand.

Pushing his plate to one side, Stineli's father put his cap on his head.

And pushing, crowding, hugging the side of the stall, Mortimer fought his way to the girl.

Then, pushing his support before him, he struck out for the middle of the stream.

"Do you good," he insinuated, pushing the bottle gently over.

A pushing open of the outer door, a bang, and hasty footsteps in the hall.

For that was his usual way of pushing through a crowd; as you have heard before.

People were pushing and shoving, and he saw her face grow pale.

"Quite the wrong method," he said, shaking his head and pushing past.

"I am not able for that, sir," replied Moriarty, pushing past him.