Roused [verb]

Definition of Roused:


Synonyms of Roused:

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Sentence/Example of Roused:

She never heard the end of the story, but was roused by the laughter that followed it.

She started suddenly awake, seeming to have been roused by the opening of a door.

She roused every fevered nerve to do battle with the strong man for his son.

In the meantime he will go home, and not a suspicion will be roused.

But, what roused him in violent resentment only appealed to Sidney's curiosity.

Max had roused at the sound of Le Moyne's voice, not to suspicion, of course, but to memory.

Luckily, at four came early-morning temperatures; that roused her.

When the bells announced midnight, Sidney roused with a start.

Mortimer's gallant act had roused the Irishman's admiration.

Halson roused himself from the reverie in which he was sitting with glazed eyes.