Imply [verb]

Definition of Imply:

indicate, mean

Synonyms of Imply:

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Sentence/Example of Imply:

Powell said the Fed will seek inflation that averages 2% over time, a step that implies allowing for price pressures to overshoot after periods of weakness.

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 scaled new peaks Wednesday, but their respective measures of implied volatility also rose in tandem.

The latest science, it said, did not imply that a person is immune in the three months following infection.

In plain English, this implies that a group of pre-selected officials or government officers would have the authority to confirm the data on the blockchain.

Accounting for the much bluer national environment, that would imply either that Florida is immune to shifts in the national mood or that the state lurched to the right sometime in the intervening two years.

For example, the query “Samsung a10 review” implies that the searcher is looking to do some research but has not made the decision yet.

Their short duration implies that they come from a relatively small astrophysical object.

Most marketing professionals are convinced that changes in how we do marketing must be made, which also implies an increase in the work volumes.

Sleep, the researchers imply, is not solely the province of neuroscience, but something more deeply threaded into the biochemistry that knits together the animal kingdom.

Which would seem to imply that the threat is not only large but growing quickly.