Signify [verb]

Definition of Signify:

mean, indicate

Synonyms of Signify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Signify:

Sentence/Example of Signify:

But if you determine as we would have you, and signify it to us, we shall not stand with you for a week or so.

Signify to us, now, therefore, your compliance with our wishes.

Nelson replied: "Take your choice, Hardy, it does not signify much."

If they do not, and if I should have occasion, I can but signify my wants to so ready a friend.

What will signify expostulations against a ceremony performed?

This word does not signify the same thing as with us, gentle reader.

And Miss Miggs cast up her eyes to signify where that might be.

It is remarkable that both terms also signify certain kinds of wood.

She will take a wrong view of my character, but what does that signify?

After all, what does it signify, whether cleanliness be owing to nature or to art?