Convey [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Convey:

The carriage, waiting to convey them away, was already at the door, the impatient horses pawing the ground.

In writing K. I try to convey the truth in terms which will neither give him needless anxiety or undue confidence.

Another act of bankruptcy is to convey, transfer, conceal or remove property with the intention to defraud creditors.

As there is no air surrounding the bell there is nothing to convey its vibrations to the ear.

In this she differed from others of her sect, who strove to convey the idea of humility both outwardly and inwardly.

So I have had to convey my precepts insensibly to Milord K.—to convey them in homeopathic doses of parable.

Five coaches, each containing six of the obnoxious prisoners, started to convey them to the prison of the Abbayé.

Enough of the massive walls is left to convey a vivid idea of the olden grandeur of the castle.

The natives of this part use logs to convey them from and to the islands.

If the language is not forcible enough to convey your ideas, you will not make it better by underlining it.