Ride [noun]

Definition of Ride:

journey, trip in vehicle

Synonyms of Ride:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ride:


Sentence/Example of Ride:

He never ceased to feel cheated when he was obliged to ride in New York.

"You are quite welcome to ride with me," returned Grace briefly.

So they waved their hats recklessly and continued to ride to be in at the death.

We reached the camp at sunset, after a day's ride of about 40 miles.

I've no halter the way I can ride down on the mare, and I must go now quickly.

"I want a ride, and I want to talk with you," she said, simply.

For me, I will ride into their camp with my squire and two archers.

We have yet time to ride through the further end of the pass.

I pray you to watch me, and to ride forth when I am come among the tents.

"I hurt my leg and cannot ride," quoth the bishop's champion.