Airing [verb]

Definition of Airing:

put into the atmosphere; freshen

Synonyms of Airing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Airing:

Sentence/Example of Airing:

The most prominent airing of recent grievances took the form of a Twitter poll posted Wednesday night by the account of Nebraska’s official radio network.

The WB shot six episodes, but stopped production before any of them came close to airing.

We talk of Russia and I find no embarrassment in airing my views, but I soon find myself merely the questioner.

I was giving my baby an airing in the garden when a call from the maid-of-all-work sent me hurrying into the backyard.

She informed me that her husband had gone out in a yacht, and I said it was a pity he didn't take her with him for the airing.

After a time I became accustomed to it, and thought nothing of taking an airing on the royal-yard after breakfast.

Nurses are out in the gondola with babies for an airing, and to pass away the sunny hours on the waters.

A cracked mirror lay on an old straw mattress, the contents of which were airing themselves through wide rips and rents.

Jack was hanging out all the blankets on several lines for an airing, as they still smelled of camphor to a disagreeable extent.

Fluxion is only giving us an airing for a day or two, just to see how we behave, and to give us a little wholesome discipline.