Refresh [verb]

Definition of Refresh:

make like new; give new life

Synonyms of Refresh:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refresh:

Sentence/Example of Refresh:

Rest here awhile, and refresh yourself by eating and smoking.

Let us refresh ourselves for a moment, by looking at the truth.

But I would not speak at the time, because I wanted to refresh my memory.

There was no water near; nothing to refresh or revive him had been left.

Rhodes took the letter from his pocket, and perused it as if to refresh his memory.

A little after midnight we halted for a few moments to refresh the horses.

And yet I have a talisman to refresh your memory, should you dare me further.

All right,” said ma, with finality; “we will now proceed to refresh ourselves.

Thought you might want to refresh yourself over at Stockchute.

"I have ordered something to refresh you and your companion," he said.