Replenish [verb]

Definition of Replenish:

fill, stock

Synonyms of Replenish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Replenish:

Sentence/Example of Replenish:

"With man gone, Earth will replenish herself," he said aloud.

The rugs might be in rags and he would never ask me to replenish.

The only way to replenish the supply was to make a trip to the block house.

I see your glass is again empty,” said I; “perhaps you will replenish it?

The North could replenish its depleted armies; the South could not.

They had forgotten to replenish it before turning in for the night.

They found an abundance of goats on the island and were able to replenish their larder.

He treats of the three patriarchs who are to replenish the earth.

This house must be sold, together with all our furniture, in order to replenish our funds.

The 20th and 2d went to the ammunition train to replenish their cartridge boxes.