Replace [verb]

Definition of Replace:

take the place of; put in place of

Opposite/Antonyms of Replace:

Sentence/Example of Replace:

When this spirit of citizenship is missing, no government program can replace it.

I must not pretend, then, that I have a system ready to replace all the other systems.

Updated editions will replace the previous one--the old editions will be renamed.

She tried to replace the package of letters exactly as she had found them.

When they are quite dry, take them out, and replace them with others.

I ordered the Ossetes to put my portmanteau into the cart, and to replace the oxen by horses.

With obvious disgust he signed again to the trooper to replace the cover.

Not that you can replace Hilary, but you need solitude to quell your pride.

And the sooner I set about making some more to replace it the better, but I must have help.

The more people one knows the easier it becomes to replace them.