Supersede [verb]

Definition of Supersede:

take the place of; override; cause to be set aside; replace; make obsolete

Synonyms of Supersede:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supersede:

Sentence/Example of Supersede:

But with the operations of magic Rodogune had delighted to supersede the parsimony of nature.

It is destined to supersede the one, and to introduce the other.

"None upon earth to supersede the one I have with you," was the reply.

It is this very state of affairs, however, that it is sought to supersede.

Gutenberg's letters of lead are about to supersede Orpheus's letters of stone.

It will supersede the telegraph, the telephone, the cable, and wireless telegraphy.

In this it differs from the common concordance, which, of course, it does not supersede.

Military tribunals were to supersede the civil courts where necessary.

Also, when did the later term "rabbit" supersede the old name cony?

And now we proceed, until our critics volunteer to supersede us.