Succeed [verb]

Definition of Succeed:

attain good outcome

Opposite/Antonyms of Succeed:

Sentence/Example of Succeed:

Uncle Peter did succeed in walking as far as Madison Square.

I endeavoured to obtain sight of him, but he was so wrapped and clothed that I did not succeed.

I strive to be useful to my fellow-creatures, and am happy if I succeed.

To-night we did not succeed in getting the howitzer into camp.

Self-government can succeed only through an instructed electorate.

For any one of us to succeed, we must succeed as one America.

I could not succeed in finding the plant for which they had been digging.

If I succeed in this I shall doubtless be able to seize more of His bounty.

I had made several attempts in that time to escape, but did not succeed.

Little satisfaction lay in land to which such a son was to succeed!