Languish [verb]

Definition of Languish:

droop; become dull, listless

Synonyms of Languish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Languish:

Sentence/Example of Languish:

If one could languish through life in the shell of a mere beauty that life would be a good deal simpler proposition than it is.

If a man be poor who wishes to have everything, then an ambitious and a miserly man languish in extreme poverty.

You who will not wish to see her languish—suffer—go mad—Thomas, I am not the raving being you take me for.

Their kings are without power and without glory; their subjects languish in indigence and wretchedness.

She would be left to languish and die in some awful Moorish prison.

It did not die at once, but it speedily began to languish, and two centuries later was practically extinct.

Here I languish while some of the Macys swim in the surf and others of them hold up a hand at whist.

I languish, I own,' cried she, 'to see that frozen youth worked up into a little sensibility.

The Indians sometimes bring down troupiales to Stabroek, but in a few months they languish and die in a cage.

Overbury is aware that he has been betrayed and entrapped, and is left by his treacherous patron to languish in a dungeon.