Weaken [verb]

Definition of Weaken:

reduce the strength of

Synonyms of Weaken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weaken:

Sentence/Example of Weaken:

It makes the corn grow or the rain fall or the heart of the enemy to weaken.

Have hot water in another pot, to weaken the cups of those that like it so.

It has however served to weaken her prepossessions, and relax the chains of her attachment.

Her death did not weaken my resolutions nor slacken my ardour.

In conclusion he told them that the foundation of their fortune was laid, if they did not weaken.

These weaken your system and make you more susceptible to lead poisoning.

That might tend to weaken the value of your report, don't you see?

"All right," assented Si, who had as little taste as his partner for seeming to weaken.

We have no desire either to weaken their motives or to exaggerate their grievances.

It took him two hours more to weaken one half of the remainder.