Invalidate [verb]

Definition of Invalidate:

render null and void

Synonyms of Invalidate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invalidate:

Sentence/Example of Invalidate:

A data transfer mechanism called Standard Contractual Clauses was not invalidated by the CJEU.

A group of gig workers and the SEIU labor union filed a petition this week in the California Supreme Court seeking to invalidate Prop.

One hundred and twenty-eight members of the House of Representatives and seven senators participated in efforts to overturn legally certified elections and invalidate the votes of millions of people in numerous states.

A San Diego Superior Court judge agreed with the criticisms, and invalidated the plan.

When Democrats in Oregon invalidated one of Hayes’s electors, the contest became stalemated at 184 votes apiece.

A disavow file is essentially a list of links that you want invalidated on your domain, or that you don’t want Google to consider when evaluating the quality of your website.

Here and there roving parties appeared, but having no recognized leaders, their existence did not invalidate the treaty.

A foreign patent in order to invalidate an American patent must antedate the invention patented.

He has indeed fought the letter, and perhaps come off victorious; but does he invalidate its spirit?

Provided, that no omission of any of the foregoing duties on the part of an Umpire shall of itself invalidate a game or match.