Negate [verb]

Definition of Negate:

contradict, countermand; cancel out; nullify; deny

Opposite/Antonyms of Negate:

Sentence/Example of Negate:

Sensitiveness, Culture, seemed to negate spontaneity of action.

The idea of wholeness does not negate an appreciation of the complexity of being.

We could negate the efforts of any echelon below the Eddorians themselves, it is true.

The Anarchistic teachings have in common only this, that they negate the State for our future.

A part of them negate law for our future; these teachings may be called anomistic.

They have this in common, that they negate the State for our future.

I must not only negate but I must also restore the negation again.

We have electron deflecting suits that negate the effects of the anionizers.

For even to allow a shadow of finiteness in the Absolute is to negate it; to define it is to annihilate it!

As knowledge grows, interpretations become more adequate to the objective facts, but it does not negate them.