Traverse [verb]

Definition of Traverse:

cross over; travel

Synonyms of Traverse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Traverse:

Sentence/Example of Traverse:

It is in your power to make their bed of down, and to enliven the ground they have yet to traverse with flowers.

They believed the range might yet show a rift at this end which their wagons could traverse.

The blows of the sea seemed to traverse it in an unringing, stunning shock, from side to side.

"Mother, this is Doctor Day, come to see you," said Traverse.

"I was just telling Miss Day that she was much better, sir," said Traverse.

"Oh, sir, do not do yourself so great an injustice," said Traverse.

That's the way, Traverse; that's the way with us all, my boy!

"Be sure to persuade your mother to come, Traverse," said Clara.

Traverse pressed the doctor's hand and went to seek his mother.

Preparations were immediately commenced for Traverse's journey.