Wander [verb]

Definition of Wander:

move about aimlessly

Synonyms of Wander:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wander:



Sentence/Example of Wander:

Why else should they wander together in the woods, or be so lost in talk by rustic streams?

They can wander on the banks of the Kladeos and the Alpheios.

She had to wander around and around, and get food and drink wherever she could find them.

You wander whither you will, meeting few, and disturbed by none.

How far is the district over which these strange Dhahs are said to wander?

Suffer thy desires to wander into a larger and more dangerous field.

Just now his busy thoughts were free to wander whithersoever they listed.

I was forced at times to wander round, and round, and round that spot.

Fyles had permitted his gaze to wander down the wooded course of the river.

He had thought of those who wander there, of Peppina's aunt, of certain others.