Traipse [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Traipse:

"Or why she consents to traipse all over the country with you," laughed Ted.

I don't mean she's got enough to traipse round with duchesses and earls and that sort, but she's got enough.

She called me up twice yesterday to see they needed it, as if I had nothin' to do but traipse aroun' after her.

And what's more, you just don't need to traipse along another step with me now.

Hard luck on me having to traipse at this time of night to a place I don't know to get orders you ought to have sent out.

Goodness knows where you may have dropped it, and if you think I'm going to traipse back you're much mistaken.

She was a young forty, yet somehow hardly young enough to traipse houseless after him wherever his whim might lead him.

Women, whose age it is impossible to tell, trail and traipse in front of alleys within which loom greasy, black staircases.