Prance [verb]

Definition of Prance:

cavort; show off

Synonyms of Prance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prance:


Sentence/Example of Prance:

He gives it out that he's goin' to prance over to Red Dog an' lay for the Bug.

If the beggar comes in suddenly, and starts to prance, I'll rip him up and be done with it!

The thought that the beggar had started to prance darted through his mind.

His spirit seemed to prance with joy like the horse beneath him.

No sooner had Prance confessed than he withdrew his confession.

The air was full of the whirl of limbs, the prance of hoofs, and snorts of alarm.

He was so vexed he could do nothing but prance up and down the hall.

At one period to ramp and to prance seem to have been synonymous.

In spite of the efforts of the countryman the horse continued to rear and prance.

And do you propose to prance out there and let 252 them shoot you up, too?